CBS Big Brother Finale Houseguest Reunion Show

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Big Brother needs a televised reunion show after the finale! Survivor and the Bachelor Franchise does it and if any show needs it, it's Big Brother!  

All summer long we watch and get to know the houseguests, and for the live feeders we get to see their every move, we watch them eat, sleep, talk, fight, scream, cry, laugh, make friends and enemies, and make moves that not only affect their game but sometimes have life-changing consequences when they leave the house. We want to hear from them after the show!  

We want to find out what it was like for them in the house, how's it's been outside of the house (for those who got evicted early), find out what they thought when they heard what their fans had to say and how being on BB has affected their lives. We want to see them come face to face with each other after seeing the show or being in the jury house. We need closure!  The finale night gives us about 5 minutes to see the former houseguests come together with the jury, and we never even get to hear from the winner or the runner-up.  We never hear what the houseguest thought about their season, or about the winner of AFP, or even why the jury choose who they did to win. The after show interviews are nice but we deserve to see them all together again, discussing their seasons high & lows. The show would probably bring in high ratings, as everyone wants to know what they have to say after it's all over.  If they can't do right after the finale, do it a week later when they all had some time to decompress. 

Whether they are our favorite or the one we loved to hate, these people become a part of our lives all summer long and we feel cheated when on finale night we get a few minutes of Q&A and that's it!  Please, Big Brother, bring the cast together for an hour-long reunion show on finale night, a week later, or even if it's a month later! The jury & finale two don't know half the things that have happened outside the house, so bring them together so we can watch the HGs that are out of the house tell them and we can see it unfold together! Show clips from the show & even some extra diary room sessions! It would be BB gold to see this happen!