Big Brother 22 - Get Ian Terry a rocking chair!

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CBS is currently in production of their long running reality show, Big Brother! Big Brother is doing their first All Star edition in over 13 years. Before going into the House, many of the Houseguests requested many things such as luxaries and food items that were given to them.

On the 24/7 Live Feed, Houseguest Ian Terry, winner of Big Brother 14, has been fairly open with his discovery of having autism and it’s struggles as well as his struggle with adapting to the House and making connections with the other Houseguests. On his previous season, he has explained that the only thing that calms him down is rocking back and forth but he got a lot of hate for using the hammock due to its squeaking sound.

The Houseguests will be given access to the backyard this season not as often as past seasons due to low crew members and sanitization. Thus giving Ian no way to calm himself down and help himself. We, the fans, would like CBS and Big Brother production to get Ian a rocking chair or anything that he can easily rock back and forth in.

It is very important that all Houseguests are able to feel safe and happy. Please help Ian by signing this petition so he can feel as safe and welcome as possible while in the house. Thanks!