90 Minute Episodes for Survivor's 40th Season

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Survivor is a show that so many of us have fallen in love with over the years. As the show has grown, so has the game itself, as the game and the relationships within it have become far more complicated. 

The complexity and speed of the game nowadays is so interesting, but unfortunately 60 minute episodes don't always allow us to understand the full story. On that note, I think it would be absolutely amazing if the show could try 90 minute episodes for its milestone of a 40th season. It would really allow the audience to learn more about the castaways and their relationships and ultimately allow us to connect with the show even more.

If 90 minute TV episodes are not possible, I would at least ask for extended 90 minute episodes to be available on CBS All Access. It would draw a lot more people to the service and would allow super-fans to have the option of longer episodes, while allowing casual fans to stick to their usual schedule.

To all Survivor super-fans, please sign this petition if you want the 40th season to be everything we know it can be.