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Bring Gloria Neal Back To Morning News In ATL; Do Not Watch CBS #BringGloBack #NOCBS46ATL

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We the people of Atlanta, Georgia encourage all to take a stand with us against CBS46 News Atlanta (owned by Meredith) that has terminated over a dozen news reporters and anchors within the last two years.This has an impact on our economy, individuals mental stability, hardship for families, and many other negative things that follows after one loses a job.

The most recent injustice at CBS46 with news anchor Gloria Neal is unacceptable and should be the last. While Gloria is limited in sharing the details of her egregious situation at CBS46, she has been courageous enough to say, "I have been forced to resign." We trusted Gloria as our daily morning news source and welcomed her into our homes daily through the television via CBS46 News in Atlanta. Due to that experience, she has garnered creditability with the citizens of the metro Atlanta area. Therefore, we trust her judgement that disparaging things took place to create an environment where it was no longer conducive for her to work. Gloria has been committed throughout her career to helping people and communities rise for good and we must rise for her.

CBS 46, Meredith Media, and Mark Pimentel, General Manager, have attempted to strip Gloria of her pride by taking her off the air after 20 plus uninterrupted years in the business (20 years in one market of Denver, Colorado). They devalued her by not amicably bringing resolution to her concerns. Moreover, they abandoned her after bringing her across the country from Denver, Colorado to Atlanta, GA, thus putting her in a vulnerable position. Colorado is what she knew as home with scores of friends, dozens of loved ones, and thousands of dedicated viewers were all left behind in an effort to rebuild CBS46 in Atlanta.

This is not an attack on anyone directly employed at CBS46 (exception of decision making executives). An injustice to Gloria is an injustice to us all. They have done it to others and they will continue to do it to others unless we take a stand. We the people of Atlanta, GA have completely lost our trust in CBS46 News that finds individuals so disposable as they have become known as a revolving door. Spitting media professionals out without any regard for their livelihood or the sacrifices they made to grace the station with their talents is reprehensible .

It's time that WE stand up to CBS46 and let them know that we the people of Atlanta, Georgia will no longer accept nor tolerate injustices in the newsroom. Nor will we allow strangers in our home to receive our daily news source via the television with CBS46.  We hold media executives as protectors of our first-rate professional journalists as Gloria Neal, and not violators of their rights.  How can you report the news, but become the news? #THEBIGGESTOXYMORAN

We the people of Atlanta, GA deserve:

1) Trusted and familiar faces in our home via CBS46; as we had in Glo

2) First-rate journalists; as we had in Glo

3) Journalists with integrity and professionalism; as we had in Glo

4) Journalists that are engaging and active in the community; as we had in Glo

5) Our news stations to be fair in their hiring and termination practices

Gloria has been the voice for the voiceless here in Atlanta and since she is now the voiceless, due to legal constraints regarding her employment at CBS46, we the people want to be her voice as concerned citizens. Will you join US in turning the channel from CBS46? There are more reliable news sources who fosters positive work environments for its employees and allow their talent to become a familiar face in our homes through longevity, such as WSB 2, Fox 5, and NBC 11. #TURNTHECHANNEL #GLORIANEAL #TURNTHECHANNELFORGLO #BRINGGLOBACK #WEMISSGLO #DONOTWATCH46 #NOCBS46ATL


Je' Wesley Day
Founder of Cocktail Chronicles

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