CBRM Must Declare a Climate Emergency

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On Tuesday, May 7, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality City Council declared a state of climate emergency. We did it! The declaration is largely thanks to Councilor Amanda MacDougall, but I'm sure she would also thank all of you who signed the petition. Here's a copy of the vote that passed: http://www.cbrm.ns.ca/images/Addendum_-_General_Committee_Agenda_May_7_2019.pdf What now? This sort of proclamation is often just symbolic. But note that it includes the intention to provide "a list of actionable items pertaining to mitigation and adaptation." When Extinction Rebellion marches for the Earth in Sydney on Friday, May 24, we intend to demand that this list be made public ASAP, and that we continue to get monthly updates on Council's progress towards a fossil fuel-free future. For the first time ever, there is momentum towards a global shift away from environmental and social collapse. We must press the advantage while we can. Please consider joining us on May 24 to exercise our human right for a healthy environment. Info about Extinction Rebellion: https://rebellion.earth/ Info about the May 24 Sydney March for the Earth: https://www.facebook.com/events/809161149447852/ Thanks for helping to make a difference! You are worth fighting for!

Scott Sharplin
2 years ago