CBRE Thailand : Provide the minutes of committee meetings to any member requesting them.

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I would like to obtain minutes of the committee meetings at Baan Suan Loch Palm, Phuket, Thailand from the time that CB Richard Ellis (Thailand) Co. Ltd was appointed to manage the estate.

Over the past few years I have requested these minutes from

1. The onsite CBRE Thailand estate managers. Names forgotten there have been so many of them over the last few years.

2. James Saunders, Director, Advisory Services, Property Management Director

3. Wanpen Duangjit, Director, Phuket CBRE Property Management Services 

So far I have been unsuccessful in obtaining them even though I am expected to continue contributing to the funds to manage the Baan Suan Loch Palm estate.

Previous excuses provided for not sending the minutes include

1. You do not own the land

2. We have to check with the committee first and will let you know. They never do let you know.

To advise readers of this petition I do not own the land because I am not a Thai national and I do not want to set up a Thailand Board of Investment Company for any Information Technology ventures, in this region of the world, due to the way I have been treated by some Thai citizens in the past. I now want to avoid hiring any Thai staff completely.