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CBI Enquiry into the Death of Saurabh Kumar

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In one of the most bizarre and gruesome acts of organized crime, one of our seniors from BIT Sindri(Dhanbad,Jharkhand), Saurabh Kumar was found dead under suspicious circumstances at his official residence at Kharagpur , West Bengal.

The deceased was working at Kharagpur as depot chief material engineer. A graduate in production engineering from BIT Sindri (2004-2008), Saurav was to be transferred to Hazipur (Bihar) Railway subdivision shortly.
More bizarre than the gruesome cold blooded murder is the act of non-cooperation and subjugation by the local police authorities regarding the cause of death. With the police trying to suppress the matter, it seems like more of a police-criminal nexus. The police is working on the story of death by snake bite, it seems highly inappropriate as to why a qualified engineer would neglect a snake bite and lie down on his bed. Ample amount of blood splatter, closed door from outside, open window, switched off fan, missing mobile are some facts that have not been considered as a base for investigation.

The media of West Bengal is particularly silent on this matter and neither the office staff nor the local residents are willing to come up for any evident information. Till date the media has been silent on this issue except a few news reports from Bihar .

It is noteworthy that Saurav had discussed with his family about being threatened by railway contractor, however no probe has been made in this direction. As per the family of the deceased the prime suspect has past criminal records and has been acquitted once by law. The question that still remains is why everyone is so hell-bent to suppress this act of shame. Is it a political-criminal-police nexus in play?

Do we need more of Satyendra Dubeys, Manjunaths and Sauravs to quench the blood thirst of corrupt system we engineers work in? What shall we do, succumb to corrupt practices and let the wrong happen? Be a part of the system and get overhauled with bribes and gifts rather than being thrown out of the system or breaking down?
Our question is – when will this blood shed stop? Are we so helpless against corruption, where we boast of being a democratic and socialist state, and yet get subdued by criminals and authoritarian politically backed goons.

In a desperate attempt to bring it to the notice of the incumbent ministers, the friends and family of Saurabh launched a campaign on the social media and also staged candle light vigils in different parts of the country. The Minister of Railways took cognizance of the tweets and did order a police investigation in this matter. It was only after the minister's orders that the police registered the FIR that too ten days after the recovery of the corpse. It is the same police which had earlier deemed it to be a snake-bite case. We don't expect a fair investigation from the Police which is participant in the foul play.The need of the hour is to carry out a fair investigation by an independent institution to restore justice.

We therefore request the Ministry of Home Affairs to conduct a CBI Enquiry into the matter and give justice to the deceased and his family.No such criminals should be left unscathed and free from the fists of law.

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