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CBI Investigation upon the Scam over 3000 Crores in Public Welfare Organization - STBC

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Scam over 3000 Crores - Primary charges against G.D.D. Diwakar, a Pastor in the Christian Organization, Imothenjen Aiyer from Nagaland - S.T.B.C. (Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches)

S.T.B.C. (Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches) head quartered at Markapur, Andhra Pradesh, whose properties were sold amounting to 3000 Crores involving in closure of Number of Schools, Colleges, Hostels, Hospitals, & Orphanages, that should indeed be at service of the public and needy irrespective of any caste or religion. S.T.B.C., institutions, hospitals and all above mentioned activities are located and administered at various towns and cities of the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu.

An antisocial scam in the Telugu speaking states by Mr. G.D.D. Diwakar emanated into light. Mr. G.D.D. Diwakar is a Pastor belonging to Kavali, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, he should be rendering services peacefully to the Lord and  be in spiritual services of the public. The facts are that Mr. G.D.D. Diwakar along with the connivance of his supporters amassed a huge wealth tuning to many crores of rupees, by managing a few corrupted key persons in the system by adopting manipulative tactics.  All his misdeeds remained unchallenged and most of the strenuous efforts made by some honest members of the society could not yield any encouraging result as their mouths were shut either by threatening or by eliminating them. 

The another known scam in the same organization arouse through false representations of few people claiming themselves to be the Power of Attorney holders of the parent organization of S.T.B.C., called American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. A person from Nagaland, Imothenjen Aiyer and one another from Chennai, A.J. Samuels sold around 70 properties worth of around 1000 Crores in the market standards across India.

The properties these people sold are basically schools that provide free education, hospitals that provide free health care to the poor and needy. Their greed extended to closing of schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages belonging to the S.T.B.C., and sold them to the third parties illegally for the commercial purposes. Total approximate value of the properties sold evidently is more than 3000 Crores considering the market standards. A few constructions affected in these scam are British Period and a few more belonging to late 60s.

Is C.B.I. involvement required certainly???
On  19th September, 2017, a Writ Petition was filed before The Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana pleading that it is imminently just and necessary that a thorough probe and comprehensive investigation is required to be made for elicitation of the truth Mr.  G.D.D. Diwakar and his crew, affecting the free education, free health services and many such free aid services aided by the government through S.T.B.C. Instead of depositing money eked out of selling 226 properties belonging to S.T.B.C., in the S.T.B.C. Bank Account, G.D.D. Diwakar deposited the money into many of his binamee accounts, which could never be traced unless a powerful investigation agency like C.B.I., can probe through. 

If the CBI could investigate and bring facts into light, all the schools, colleges, hospitals, boarding hostels, orphanages will again start functioning and thus by be at the service of the poor students and poor patients. As many as 30,000 students will benefit out of opening and functioning the educational institutions in the S.T.B.C. Many thousands and lakhs of suffering people who cannot afford expensive health care will be granted free health services uninterruptedly.

Looking Forward. Your kind consideration in this matter and issue an order to investigate the case through the powerful and unbiased investigating agency, CBI. We hereby request the decision making authority to intervene and order the investigation by CBI and to keep his oath eradicating the economic offences and corruption in this Country. This Petition for Humanity . For Serving Humanity.

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