Stop prescription of Buprenorphine-N to Dode and Bucky addicts in Punjab by deaddiction

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Over 70 percent population of Rural Punjab abuse poppy husk daily. 

They are treated using powerful Narcotic by all deaddiction Centres in the state of Punjab which has lead to widespread addiction to Buprenorphine-N tablets by all addicted population.

Simple alternate treatment is available.

Since its begining from 2011 the abuse of Buprenorphine-N is creating more concern among its abusers.  

Actual recommendations by PGI Chandigarh do not allow for its prescription to Poppy husk addicts. It is recommended for only Heroin addicts and opium addicts.

This breach in practice has lead to widespread addiction to Buprenorphine-N lifetime in opd patients in Punjab.

Only CBI and NIA can solve this problem and implement this Guidelines by OATOD by PGI Chandigarh.

Also peddling of Buprenorphine-N by maby pharmaceutical companies call for cessation of their license to manufacture and sell these drugs per se in India. 

Adnok is a serious addiction in punjab.

CBI can interfere and implement guidelines of Buprenorphine-N prescription in Punjab and save many lives in Punjab as prescribed by OATOD Guidelines. 

CBI can raid all the deaddiction centres of Punjab along with NIA shortly and Incometax Department and allow ED to enact the guidelines with the help od Narcotic Control Bureau of India.

CBI can plan for this in the interest of people of Punjab should take the support of ED.