Help my son with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy stay in his school!! We cant uproot his life!

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My son, Preston, has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy as well as a developmental delay. He spent 2 years in the EDC preschool program for children with special needs and disabilities, through CBE at Alex Munro School. He was registered to start Kindergarten there in September. However, we no longer live in the community so the school and CBE are refusing to make an exception to allow him to continue his education there. My son's daycare is also right by the school, he is supposed to start kindergarten with his cousin and his aunt would be transporting him from daycare to school and back to daycare again. My daughters also went to this school so he has known this school for years before he even started attending the school.

Many of the teachers and staff at the school know and love Preston, they know how to care for him and work with him as does his daycare. If Preston is kicked out of the school, that means his entire life will be uprooted. I would have to pull him from his daycare and throw him in a new one as well as a new school, and struggle to find suitable transportation that would be able to not only transport him, but his walking devices as well.

Preston is not a typical child. As any parent or relative of an individual with disabilities would know, he NEEDS his supports, consistency, routine and that familiarity. Pulling all of these things from him will only have a negative impact and drastically set him back from all of the progress he has made.

I understand that children are supposed to go to their designated school based on their community. That does not mean that exceptions are not and cannot be made based on the situation. It isn't as simple as just putting him in a new school, it's pulling him from everything and everyone that he knows. It's taking him away from the supports that have helped him significantly, that know him well and know exactly how to care for him and work with him.

This situation has a MAJOR impact on our entire family.

If I can't get CBE to make this exception, i will have no choice but to not renew my rental lease this summer and pull our family from our home that we love and move into my mom's house until we can find a home that happens to fall in Alex Munro's designated area. Which in turn would be pulling him from another constant in his life.

All of my contact with CBE has left me feeling hopeless, please help me by signing and sharing this petition. Maybe it will make a difference.

Thank you so much for your time.