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Easy to Use TDS interface

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Fear of TRACES or TDSCPC -  does it happen to you?

Some of the common processes that are kept complicated by the managing agency NSDL and the administrator department CBDT.

  1. The password forget feature - requires data from 5 sources before you can reset your password. The net banking and share trading portals work with 2 levels of authentication only. Do we need such tight scrutiny of user entry. Especially when access is possible through registered DSC.
  2. Login process - requires a user ID - links to a TAN, TAN and then a password. Why not simply allow entry through DSC and user id.
  3. Password to open zip files - After such stringent entry into the portal, each download from the TDS server is protected by a password. The password format is different for each type of data downloaded. There are at least 3 types of password combination that allows access of the download.
  4. Frequent upgrades - A message flashes on screen to upgrade the browser with EMSIGNER but no link is provided on the login page. After installation of emsigner, the login page does not give any indication that the browser is now compliant.

I am sure that there are more such issues faced by all TDS deductors. The amount of time wasted on tedious processes of tax compliance must be huge - spanning many man months across the country. This type of interface forces people to look for alternatives. This is not necessary if the interface is simple and allows more people to use the network.

I am a planning and architectural consultant and we deduct TDS when payment is made from our firm to a fellow professional. I have been using computers since 30 years.

If you support this petition and many other also do so, I am sure that the CBDT will make it simple for everyone to use the TDS interface. Thus India will achieve the vision of EASE OF BUSINESS.

Sandeep Subhash


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