The Bullying Act

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Everyday we here and see kids being bullied in schools, on buses or other places. It does not matter the age. Lately, bullying is becoming more and more not just on Prince Edward Island but all around Canada as well as the US. I am a victim of bullying and my stories are just as bad as the ones I hear and see everyday. It is why I want to take a stand and want others as well to take a stand against bullying. It is why I want to get as much signatures and little story as to why against bullying and if it happened to you or someone else you know. I want to have a law that comes into affect that the bully can be held accountable for their actions such as criminally responsible as well as being suspended from the school indefinitely. Also to the adult who knows about the bullying going on as well as see it and not do anything. Please I ask each and everyone of you to sign this petition and take a stand against bullying. I am hoping to have this brought to our politicians to have it brought forward to have this implemented and passed on so it can become law.