CBC Radio Should Launch Memories of the Vinyl Cafe and Vinyl Cafe Rewind

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It’s been two years now since Stuart McLean died, and like so many of his other fans, I miss turning on CBC Radio every Sunday at noon to hear his stories about The World’s Smallest Record Store, The Vinyl Cafe, and about the lives of Dave, Morley, Sam, and Stephanie, plus all of their friends and neighbours.

Stuart’s stories are timeless classics filled with humor that is sorely needed in today’s world. Therefore, I believe that CBC Radio should consider relaunching the series under the name Vinyl Cafe Rewind.

I also miss the Story Exchange, where people across Canada wrote their own stories. They had to be true and they had to be short, but after that, they could be anything at all, as Stuart said.

In addition, CBC should also consider making a spin-off series called Memories of the Vinyl Cafe, with a talk-show format featuring musical guests who appeared on the Vinyl Cafe talking, sharing memories of Stuart, and playing their favourite stories. It can also continue on with the Story Exchange.

Stuart McLean was a great Canadian who united people in ways I don’t think we’ll ever see again, and I think these two spin-off shows would be a terrific way to honor his memory.

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