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Fire the CBC journalists and editors who falsified the Alyan Kurdi story.

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In September 2015, the CBC ran a story about a young Syrian boy who'd drowned in the Mediterranean in the process of migrating from Turkey to Europe. 

Since then, the journalists and editors at the CBC have been running a consistent and deliberate misinformation campaign regarding this story including, but not limited to:

-Falsely placing blame for Kurdi's death of the government of Canada by reporting that family of Alan Kurdi had applied for refugee status in Canada and were denied, when in fact no application was ever made.

-Falsely referring to the Kurdi family as "refugees", when they were in fact living safely in Turkey for three years, and were motivated to migrate to Europe by economic benefits. 

-Falsely doctoring the victim's name in order to westernize him by calling him "Alan".

Errors are sometimes made in journalism, but these are consistent, deliberate and continuing attempts to mislead that go far beyond simple error. The CBC's journalistic integrity has been utterly compromised by these continuing attempts to mislead, and its readers demand that the CBC, at a minimum, dismiss the responsible parties in order to restore our national broadcaster's integrity. 

The signatories of this petition demand, at a minimum, that the following CBC employees be fired.

1) Jennifer McGuire - Editor in Chief, CBC News.

2) Marissa Nelson is senior director of digital media, CBC News

3) Brodie Fenlon is managing editor, digital media, CBC News

4) Tim Richards is executive producer,

5) Spencer Walsh,  executive producer,

6) Lianne Elliott, executive producer,

7) Mark Gollom, senior writer, CBC News

8) Nahlah Ayed, Foreign Correspondent.



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