Arbury Road East Modal Filter - NO THANK YOU!

Arbury Road East Modal Filter - NO THANK YOU!

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Jonathan West started this petition to CB4 Residents


Many of us who run businesses in Arbury Court, Milton Road end of Arbury Road, and along the entire length of Arbury Road have had to shut during lockdown and we are all now, with difficulty,  trying desperately to revive our trade and lessen the severe consequences in a deep financial depression. (The UK is officially in recession. The closure of shops tops the Office for National Statistics list of drivers of the collapse in output - source Business Reporters BBC News 12.08.20). We want to support our employees, their families, and our own families too.

Those elderly residents at Havenfield and other Residential Homes will be greatly inconvenienced.

It is brutal to cut them off from all the major resources of the city - Addenbrookes Hospital; Chesterton medical centre and other GP surgeries; city centre; main railway station; Beehive Centre and Newmarket Road; Churches, old Chesterton etc., and all journeys that cross the river. To circumvent it is an exceptionally long detour of 3 miles round trip of Arbury Road/ Mere Way/Carlton Way/ Gilbert Road/Milton Road with its attendant transport and environmental-damage costs.

Those campaigning for Arbury Road closure cite COVID-19 as the reason - assisting social distancing and requiring more people to cycle and walk as the capacity of public transport is reduced. The proposed block in Arbury Road will only result in 475 metres of covid-friendly walk, and cycle, way (between Leys Road and Milton Road). It will decrease pollution along that stretch of the road but at the cost of forcing cars to take a long detour, adding to pollution in the detour roads. Many of our customers and clients will not bother to take long detours to bypass the block. Those who use taxis to use our businesses will not be able to afford this. Our trade will drop and costs of our deliveries, and for our deliverers, will increase inordinately.  

The County Council is preparing an over-correction. There are more intelligent and fairer solutions to covid and difficulties in Arbury Road. Please will the County Council reverse its decision and remove Arbury Road from the scheme for 'modal filters'? We ask you to say 'Yes" to this question because our livelihoods may well be ruined.

1. All vehicles that shop in Arbury Court, attend Havenfield, and all those residences along the road from the block at Havenfield to Kings Hedges Road, including Maio Road, North Academy School, Arbury Court shops, the Gurdwara, GP's Surgery, the library and beyond to Kings Hedges Road will have to do an added 3, or 4, mile detour on return journeys to circumvent the block. This is an increase in pollution. It will be imposed on the people in Arbury and Kings Hedges Estates.

2. Histon Road is now one way and traffic is being displaced onto Kings Hedges, Milton, Gilbert and Arbury roads. At the same time the policy is to close Arbury Road. By default, while Arbury Road is left almost free of traffic, congestion and pollution will increase in great measure in these other roads as they take not only Histon Road's but all Arbury Road's traffic as well.

Small local roads will see increased traffic going past junior schools, and Campkin Roads, Gilbert Road, Carlton Way, Roseford Road etc will have increased traffic.

The road block is going to be the recipient of public money. There is a lack of equality and balance in closing a main road outside a development for the elderly, instead of advancing fair and equitable solutions.

We contend that the public are being given 'good reasons' for road closure at Havenfield by ARERA and the County Council but that there are different 'real reasons'. The County Council may be discriminating against local business, the elderly and increasing traffic around local schools as well as other vulnerable sections of the community, in favour of a vociferous minority.

Therefore, please urge your local councillors to reject a modal filter on Arbury Road East with honest messages:


City Councillors

County Councillors

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Suggested draft:

Dear Councillors,

I continue to reject the need for a proposed modal filter trial on Arbury Road East and trust that I can rely on your support to block this discriminatory and short sighted scheme?

Blockading Arbury Road will mean that roads will become:

- Impossible to negotiate for small local business and the deliveries that they rely on

- More difficult to access homes, schools, places of worship and the shops

- Traffic being displaced to smaller side roads in higher density populations

- Cause increased pollution in side roads near several junior schools (air pollution causes chronic lung disease and is linked to increased covid-19 transmission)

- Isolation of elderly residents in several of the areas care homes and assisted residential homes

- A disconnected sense of community - just when we need to community most

Please reject this awful scheme


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