Ban Single Use Plastics as promised by the Cayman Islands Government

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In early 2020, the Single-Use Plastic Stakeholder Committee (“SUP Committee”) agreed to new restrictive legislation on certain single-use plastic in the Cayman Islands, just after three meetings, with the projected effectiveness of the new law planned in January 2021.

It is now October 2020, with three months to go until said ban, and Dwayne Seymour and Joseph Hew, Joint leads of the SUP committee, have not committed to this promise, with no announcements as to the progress of the ban or when this will take effect.

The Cayman Islands produces the 32nd largest amount of plastic waste per capita in the world, which is twice the amount of plastic waste per person as China. This equates to 5,106 tonnes of plastic waste per year, and no one can deny the effects of this anymore, given that one cannot take a simple walk on the beach anymore without spotting multiple items of rubbish – most of which happens to be plastic pollution.

This is no longer an issue that can merely be discussed amongst the powers that be – action has to be taken now. For the sake of the future generations, and the future of the Cayman Islands itself, this is a critical matter that requires immediate implementation of this ban. The SUP ban was aimed at initially banning plastic bags, plastic straws, polystyrene takeaway containers, plastic stirrers and plastic cotton buds, with further items to be considered for inclusion in the ban in the future.

In the grand scheme of things, this is still years too late to be implemented, and we as a local and global population, should be now looking to live a waste-free lifestyle as much as possible, however this is a systemic problem. A consumer can try their very best to avoid plastic as much as possible, however until governments and corporations begin to make extreme change, the mounting problem of plastic pollution will not be solved.

Please sign this petition for the sake of our Islands, as well as our Planet Earth.

Mr. Seymour and Mr. Hew – please follow through on your promises that you owe your citizens.