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Thank You For The Support

On a daily basis, the turtle farm has about a thousand visitors. Now imagine every single one of those thousand handling a poor turtle. The unfortunate turtle would have no time to rest or eat. And then after years of handling and stress, the turtle is finally killed for its meat. That is the life of a turtle in the Cayman Turtle Center, the same center that has sold 71,735 pounds of turtle meat. The same center that was caught trying to sell and export the endangered turtles. A practice that is banned by international law. The same center that claims to have released 31,000 turtles back to the wild, yet only 18 have been confirmed. The Cayman Turtle Center is a sham, a tourist attraction and turtle farm masquerading as a sanctuary committed to turtle conservation. Thank You for your overwhelming support. Please continue to share and sign, together we can shut this horrific place down.

World Animal Rescue
4 years ago