Ban single use plastic bags in the Cayman Islands

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Thank you and please keep sharing

Thank you so much for signing this petition. Please keep sharing it in social media in order to get more signatures. Ideally 5000 local signatures from voters in the Cayman Islands are needed, but we also want to show the government that there is global support and a need to follow other countries who are taking a stance against Plastic Pollution. Our neighbours Jamaica just announced a ban on single use plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam.  Since the start of this petition we started Plastic Free Cayman and through education, awareness and action we are making a difference locally. We teamed with the National Trust of the Cayman Islands and presented this petition and letters from school children asking them to ban single-use plastic. Watch this space and be sure to check out the Plastic Free Cayman Facebook page and follow us on Instagram.  Thank you once again for your wonderful support - Claire 

Claire Hughes
4 years ago