Precious The Cat Must Be Return to Deborah Cameron & Family

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Precious the Cat (Facebook: Precious the Cat) was an outside cat.

She lived with a loving family and one day didn't return home. This was 20th January 2018. Deborah looked for her, put up posters in local shops and called local charities, the police and Vets looking for her. She also called 2 of her local branches of Cats Protection - including their Scottish HQ.

On the 29th of January Precious popped in to a neighbours house, said hello, had a snack and moved on. It is not uncommon for cats to do this.

On 5th of February someone spotted Precious in Cumbernauld, less than a mile from where she lived. She contacted a volunteer with "Harveys Army Scotland", to come and scan for a microchip. No chip was detected. Cats Protections own advice is that cats should only be uplifted if they are thought to be strays, injured or in distress. Precious did not fit into any of these categories. If there is any doubt, the cat should be fitted with a paper collar and left where they were found. Guidelines state that posters should be put up in the area in the hope that ownership can be clarified in the absence of a microchip. It is essential to point out that Precious WAS wearing a collar, with a bell, and was not injured in any way.

In a clear breach of guidelines, Precious was taken from the area,transported to an unknown location, kept overnight, and taken to a branch of Cats Protection OUT-WITH the area covered by Deborahs' local branch.
The fact that Precious was not taken to the LOCAL branch, (questions need to be answered on the reasoning behind this) meant that Deborah’s attempts to track down Precious were severely hindered.

Deborah got word that she may be at the Glasgow branch. She called them immediately only to be told that PRECIOUS HAD BEEN REHOMED!!!!

She pleaded and begged with them, offering £300 to have Precious returned.

After an horrendous 36 hour wait, a manager from another branch of Cats Protection called her back to say the new family would not return her. They had adopted Precious not six days prior.

Cats protection are not in any way at fault here. The problem, and in effect the blame, must lie with the person who lifted Precious from the street, taking her out of her area instead of fitting a paper collar and postering.

WE THE UNDERSIGNED IMPLORE Harveys Army Scotland to explore the nature of the way the cat was handled by their volunteer. To explain the clear breach of their own rules, and why any cat would be taken out of its locale and with effect hinder the reunification.

We also ask our supporters be respectful of the new family - they are victims of this unfortunate position as much as Deborah, this is not their fault.

We, as a group, MASSIVELY Appreciate all the work CATS PROTECTION do - without them cats in this country would be far worse off. DEBORAH CAMERON gladly supports Cats Protection with MONTHLY DONATIONS to help them in their fantastic work and urges people not to cancel their subscriptions on the back of this situation.

Thank you.