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The carcasses of seven cats and kittens were recently found in Babin Kuk, Dubrovnik. They had been tortured and brutally murdered. One of them, a smaller kitten, had been impaled on a wooden stick, while another was found with a broken neck.

A journalist managed to take three photos of the scene before the police intervened and prevented further photography.

The article, including all three pictures, may be found here:

These cats were fully healthy, had been sterilized, and were being taken care of by a local pet organization.

In the past six months, there have been 48 cases of animal abuse and poisoning in this area. So far, the police have not taken any serious measures in finding the person(s) responsible.

Please put pressure on the Dubrovnik authorities to take firm action against these crimes !

Letter to
County of Dubrovnik-Neretva
Mayor of Dubrovnik
Deputy Mayor
and 1 other
Police Departement
Very disturbing photos have recently emerged revealing horrifying images of the tortured bodies of seven cats in Babin Kuk.

This is only the most recent of a number of animal abuse cases that have taken place in this area - within the past months, the number has escalated to almost 50 cases, whereas no one has yet been found guilty of these crimes.

The authorities must take serious measures to find the person responsible for these horrendous crimes. The perpetrators of these vile acts must be caught and punished before more animals are tortured or murdered. Such crimes should not be allowed to persist - please act now.

Please send out a clear message that animal abuse is not tolerable !

Thank you for your time.