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Negotiate with Me to Keep Me and My Daughter in Our Home.

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I bought my home in Saint Paul on May 31st, 2006. I loved the neighborhood and was happy to put five percent of my own funds into a down payment on the house. Over the next six years I spent countless hours and funds making beautiful renovations to the home. Doors, windows, trim, ceilings, I've redone everything. There isn't an inch of this house that I don't know like the back of my hand.

In 2007, health concerns in my family, coupled with income loss due to my private law practice faltering at the hands of a tough economy, made finances challenging. As the economic crisis continued, my clientele thinned and active clients were often unable to pay on time, which landed me a month behind on mortgage payments in February 2011.

I immediately reached out to Bank of America for help. They told me that, as my servicer, there was nothing they could do to help because the loan could not be modified. After submitting numerous documents and spending hours on the telephone with their untrained agents, they suggested I call Wells Fargo, the bank that owned the loan. I called Wells Fargo and they had me contacting countless people and submitting form after form, to only tell me that there is a new owner of the loan. I then located the owner of the loan, US Bank. They made me repeat the process; make many phone calls to Bank of America (the bank that services the loan) and provide documents. Bank of America and US Bank said the loan cannot be modified by the terms of the contract, but they never put that in writing. The banks have made it as difficult as possible to get a straight answer. 

Today, my private law practice has returned to being profitable. I have offered to pay US Bank/Bank of America the full monthly mortgage amount. -That's the part that they're missing, I care about his house! I want to be here. I want to make payments.

I have a daughter, born in 2008. She has her own room in the house and she loves the house. This is the main reason I am fighting and uniting with OCCUPY HOMES. She is the future, and I plan to pay this house off and leave it to her someday or die trying.

Today, I am more committed than ever to staying in my home. I have taken The Pledge and agreed to organize my friends and neighbors to demand a good faith negotiation from the banks involved. I want to host homeowner and community meetings in my home. I'll do whatever it takes to show these banks that this is OUR country. They've done everything they can to break our spirit and now I'm ready to fight back.


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