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SANTA BARBARA SHOPS are going Out of Business Let's bring back New Jobs Opportunities ASAP

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                                            STOP OLD RULES
                        THEY ARE KILLING SANTA BARBARA!


The City of Santa Barbara has a new project Called

                              “Santa Barbara Golden Heart”

Why Santa Barbara’s Main Street is dying?

                         Our City needs an URGENT CHANGE!

The City Rules are condemning our famous Street to the oblivion and it is dying without people understanding why.

Do you know the reasons?

-       Local Businesses are going out of business every single month.

-       Visitors are less and less every year.

-       Foot traffic gets concentrated in only one section of State because all the events are being positioned in the same spot every month. Example: Farmer Market. The solution to this is change the Market to upper street. Ex: The events on State Street should arrange from Arlington St to Carrillo Ave.

-       The city does not create new events and without fresh ideas all the crowd is choosing other more exiting places outside our city.

-       The homeless problems never got resolve. They are not getting the help they need and the retails does not know how to interact with the ones that have mental issues, tiffs, etc. This have a solution. Santa Monica did resolve it we can do it too.

-       Over the top lease prices.

-       Events that are near State Street offering products that are killing small business. This does not happen in other cities like Venice Beach or Santa Monica, they protect small businesses. How they do this? They do not allow random vendors to sell near by commercial areas (who paid astronomical prices to have their spot there) so they competition is fair to everyone and in that way they create more stability for the small businesses.

-       The City should consider bringing every Sunday the art vendors that sale their creation on State Street (of course considering some rules, again to avoid affecting the stores that are trying so hard to survive this terrible crisis).

-PLEASE SIGN this petition to advocate to
The City of Santa Barbara for better way that all can enjoy our city, bring more business and opportunities to our people, improve safety significantly, jobs and give another hand to environment issues.


What change a Pedestrian Street could bring to Santa Barbara?

This could popularize even more State Street nationally and internationally.
It will bring new life to the small local businesses, will be a great incentive for the new entrepreneurs who want to invest in our city, also In addition, our young people will have more work opportunities and will also open up more opportunities for other generations who are looking for new horizons.
Our young people have more opportunities to stay in Santa Barbara if we create new jobs position.

Santa Barbara ceased to be what it was because of a bureaucracy that devoured every opportunity to grow.

It is sad to see how each month a new place closes forever its part of long and sad farewell.

Do not let these absurd regulations of the past sink our beautiful city. Greed has never been a good advisor and those who try to "survive" this hard crisis makes impossible for us to withstand the pressure.

To make the story shorter, if we all unite in this cause we can change the destiny of our beautiful city.
Let’s Santa Barbara revive it glory and glamour again!


                                    THE GOLDEN HEART will be a

                             PEDESTRIAN STREET on STATE STREET


More Info about The Project:

 State Street is a Historic State Street Plaza in Downtown Santa Barbara is one of America’s most pedestrian-friendly downtowns, in large part due to the amazing diversity of shopping choices.
A Pedestrian Street in Santa Barbara will bring a fresh air and an authentic shopping experience, whether you the people want to shopping, strolling, or just walking in the scene.

DO NOT LET Our Main Street in Santa Barbara die. The People in the Government are trying to help but retails and restaurant cannot survive these crazy rules like promoting the stores.


As an owner I am going to point out some of this rules so you can imagine how our situation is.


-       They don’t allow me to have My Mascot outside. It was an Empanada Mascot, all tourist and people; specially kid from our Town took pictures with it.

-       They did not want me to have any sign outside the store (even though I wanted to have it in my patio, it was a Menu under the arch, I wasn’t asking to have them in the pedestrian sidewalk. The big franchise have huge signs in and out so this rule is unclear, but all of us should be allowed to be free to do promotion, maybe with some aesthetic regulation but not with the ridiculous numbers of rules that we have now.

-       This rules made my sale drop 25-30%.

Please sign this petition to advocate to the City of Santa Barbara to look up for our small local businesses, provide them more stability, respect and consideration.

Also, please remember that with a Pedestrian Street, State Street will reborn and it will refresh the people way to enjoys our city, bringing more business, improving safety significantly, providing more jobs and helping environment issues

More Information about Pedestrianisation

The Pedestrian zones (also known as auto-free zones and car-free zones are areas of a city or town reserved for pedestrian-only use and in which most or all automobile traffic may be prohibited. Converting a street or an area to pedestrian-only use is called pedestrianisation.

Pedestrianisation usually aims to provide better accessibility and mobility for pedestrians, to enhance the volume of shopping and other business activity in the area and/or to improve the attractiveness of the local environment in terms of aesthetics, air pollution, noise and accidents involving pedestrians.

In some cases traffic in surrounding areas may increase, due to displacement rather than substitution of car traffic.

Nonetheless, pedestrianisation schemes are often associated with significant drops in local air and noise pollution, accidents, and frequently with increased retail turnover and increased property values locally.

A car-free development generally implies a large scale pedestrianised area that relies on modes of transport other than the car, while pedestrian zones may vary in size from a single square to entire districts, but with highly variable degrees of dependence on cars for their broader transport links.

                       Please sign and be part of this meaningful Project!



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