Petitioning Chief of Police Cathy Lanier and 2 others

Cathy Lanier Must Go, End the Cover-up Now, Account to Public

     This petition was started in June 2013, in response to the DC police killing of unarmed Clemant Sweptson and the subsequent cover-up of that by the MPD, which then cleared the officer(s) within 60-days. The identities of the killer cops have never been made known. Since then, we have had police involved in child porn and trafficking for prostitution, with the unexplained disappearance of 8-year old Relisha Rudd, a suspiciously botched police "investigation." We have murders not being investigated in order to protect the guilty, blacks making up over 85% of all arrests, many on minor or fabricated charges, and we have the MPD allowing transit cops to impersonate police in the black community. Read more at ;


Letter to
Chief of Police Cathy Lanier
U.S. Attorney for D.C. Ronald Machen
Mayor for the District of Columbia Murial Bowser (Mayor for the District of Columbia)
March 1st, 2015

Muriel Bowser, Mayor
Washington, D.C
1350 Pennsylvania Ave.
Suite 316
Washington, D.C. 20004
(202) 727-6300

Mayor Bowser,
We the undersigned residents of the District of Columbia call for the immediate termination of Cathy Lanier as chief of police of the Metropolitan Police Department and be held to account for:
1. The suspect mishandling of the Relisha Rudd case, including the murders of Andrea and Khalil Tatum;
2. The police killing of Cleman Sweptsonwho was unarmed and merely riding his bike when shot drive-by style by DC police, who were quietly cleared two-months later without their identities or the circumstances behind the shooting ever being made public;
3. Cathy Lanier maintains an unofficial policy that the MPD is to allow transit officers to impersonate MPD in black communities, including giving them the power to seize, transport, and jail;
4. No apparent investigation into the extent of MPD officers being involved in the production of child pornography and prostitution.

And numerous other problems of lawless conduct and suspect behavior on the part of Cathy Lanier and the MPD.

We are concerned not only about your silence on these matters, but your support for Lanier by continuing her on as the police chief. Ms. Lanier needs to be removed and ordered to appear before the City Council in full public hearings to provide answers on these and other matters, your refusal to do so will result in this petition becoming one for your recall..

Sincerely, We the Undersigned Voters

(Letter # 3)

Ronald Machen, United States Attorney
District of Columbia
555 4th St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20530
(202) 252-7566

Mr. Machen,
We the undersigned residents of the District of Columbia and purported “citizens” of the United States who pay your salary, demand an immediate explanation from you as to your total failure to be involved in the alleged investigation of the killing/homicide of Cleman Sweptson. We find this failure on the part of your to be a pattern of complicity in the cover-up of police wrong doing and crime. We demand that your office open a criminal investigation on the federal level since Chief of Police Cathy Lanier has implicated herself in a cover-up of a murder by withholding all information from the family, community, and general public. As the chief prosecutor in this colony, you have a duty to ensure the confidence of the residents that there rights are respected and protected, your duty is to serve and protect. We do not feel protected or served by your office.

We demand that you immediately open a public criminal investigation into the killing of Cleman Sweptson, including the ongoing efforts by Kathy Lanier and the MPD to cover it up. We will not repeat here what we have said to Ms. Lanier, we attach a copy of the letter, and advise that you do the same.

Sincerely, We the Undersigned so-called “Citizens”