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Impose sanctions upon Israel until they comply with the UN given borders

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Israel is the only state that laughs at currently over 60 UN-resolutions.
It ignores its borders given by the international community in 1947. See map
Isn't ignoring your recognized borders the very definition of being a terrorstate?

It has provenly no desire to comply with international law and even ignores UN-requests of inspections of their nuclear facilities.
See this video about how they are kicking out palestinians out of their homes i East Jerusalem and confessing that they won't stop.

Please Mrs. Cathryn Ashton impose sanctions on the terrorstate until they retreat to the UN given borders of 1947.

Why will Israel not ever comply with international law if it doesn't gets imposed upon? Answer: Respect for palestinians is forbidden according to the halacha.
Proof: The late professor of organic chemisty at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem professor Israel Shahak speaks about the tyranny applied on the Palestians stems from the Talmud. Check out his "The laws against non-Jews" Chapter 5 of his book "Jewish history Jewish religion the weight of 3000 years"

or listen to poets reading of selective parts of the Chapter 5.

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