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As a Catholic, I am sickened by many bishops and the Cardinal of Chicago asking NOTRE Dame University to rescind the invitation to President Obama to speak at their commencement ceremony.  Happily, the President of the University is staying strong and not giving in to pressure from Bishop D'Arcy of South Bend, and Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix, plus ten members of the faculty at the university who are members of the Holy Cross Order. Reagan was fine to invite, George W. Bush was fine to invite..but Obama is bad because he does not oppose abortion and stem cell research.  It seems that killing people in wars in central America and in Iraq doesn't count for pro-life.

Letter to
Bishop John D'Arcy
Bishop Thomas Olmstead
We feel the Catholic Church is insulting our current President by some of you campaigning to rescind his invitation to speak at Notre Dame University's commencement.  He has done so much already to try to bring people together and to help peace in our world and you say he does not deserve to speak because he goes against Church teaching on stem cell research and abortion.  What about the Church's stand on mass killings and torture.?  Is that go against pro-life beliefs?  You invited Pres. Bush and cozied with Pres. Reagan because they said they were pro-lifers...yet were responsible for thousand of deaths in Central America and in Iraq.  We find this despicable!

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