stop catholic boarding schools forcing non-catholics to go to church

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I am a non-Catholic boarder at a school in the East Midlands, I attend this school because of its outstanding academic reputation and the friendships and life I have built here after 6 years. Throughout my time here as a boarder, It has been required for me to attend mass every Sunday unless I am out on 'exeat' with a friend or guardian. This mass is an hour and we have to attend it in full uniform, early Sunday morning no matter what religion you are. I understand that as I have chosen to attend a Catholic school, I must comply with their beliefs and rituals, although I should not be forced to take part. I believe it is not part of the catholic ethos to make it compulsory for someone to practice the religion, instead I could be doing something more productive with my time, such as painting or reading, developing skills relevant to my lifestyle and future. The school says they are inclusive to all faiths, but this doesn't seem inclusive to me, it is in fact contradictory. Please help me and other non-catholic boarding students to have more time to develop ourselves outside of school. Thank you.