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Catholic Church: Terminate church officials found guilty of child molestation.

The purpose of religion is to provide social support and identity. At this time the Catholic church is failing in that purpose and loosing members. It's the leadership and not the religion that is the problem. Catholic principles don't approve of lying, manipulation, hypocrisy, and child molestation. The Catholic church needs change. But how can this be changed?

The Catholic church is in desparate need of reformation. This reform needs to begin with elimiating criminals from positions of power in the church. The problem is those who abuse their power. What I and everyone who signed this petition is asking for is the following:

1. Terminate all Catholic officials (clergy, bishop, etc. if they have a position that requires reponsibility this qualifies) found guilty of sexual assualt, sexual misconduct, and sexual harrassment. This is not exclusive to pedophiles. This includes all those who violated the law and the trust of the public. This termination is not to include pay or any type of benefits.

2. Terminiate all Catholic officials who have aided in the cover up of those who have committed these crimes. This termination is not to include pay or any type of benefits.

Both the sexual assaulters and their enablers should be terminated and convicted of their crimes. Ideally, their consequences should be higher as they made a promise to god and therefore humanity. Their promise was to help the world and not molest children!

This petition is not an attack of the Catholic church. Sharing your concerns about what is right and wrong is not an attack. It's called having some dignity and for some of you it's called being a TRUE CHRISTIAN.The Catholic church officials have for too many years abused, denied their abuse, and covered up their abuse. They made little effort to stop the abuse. They merely moved the abuser from one location to another. Therefore, the abuse stopped in one location but continued in another.

I have read numerous articles written to protect the Catholic church. It is often written in a tone of disregard for the responsibility and the pain they have caused families thru out the world. Here is an example of some of the statements I have collected:


FACT: Catholic priests abuse at a rate far lower than that of other males in the general population.

Chris Amezquita & Petition Signers Fact: Oh, wow yeah that's totally fine. Just a little sexual abuse is fine. NO!!! This is a feeble attempt to minimize the sexual abuse. Sexual abuse of any quantity and level is unacceptable in any church!



FACT: You would never know it from the media's frenzied coverage, but the bulk of reported stories of Catholic sex abuse stem from a historical anomaly as the vast majority of allegations occurred only during a narrow band of time of cultural tumult from the 1960s to the early 1980s. And despite media intimations of dark conspiracies and cover-ups, the Church merely followed the then-prevailing view of experts that offenders could be successfully rehabilitated and sent accused priests off treatment, rather than reporting them to police, which then resulted in a high rate of recidivism.

Chris Amezquita & Petition Signers Fact: It only occured from 1960 to 1980. Even if that was true its still not acceptable behavior for any church officials.

They claim they followed the "prevailing" view of experts. How about following the prevailing view of your Catholic priniciples i.e. God?

They were not all sent of to treatment immediately. They were moved around from church to church and only in extreme circumstances was their treatment provided. Providing them with treatment is always appropriate provided it's occompanied with a letter of termination of their responsibilities to the Catholic church. There are articles out there stating they were offered $20,000 to leave priesthood (

And "rather than report them to police" that was clearly an abuse of power and insult to the Catholic congregation. They sexuallly abused people. This wasn't a speeding ticket. Those found guilty of sexual abuse are morally corrupted and not capable of providing leadership to the Catholic church.


FACT: Almost all accusations against Catholic priests date from decades ago, and indeed nearly half of all abuse accusations concern priests who are already dead. In an institution of 77 million people, contemporaneous accusations of abuse against Catholic clergy in the United States are very rare, recently averaging only 8.5 allegations deemed "credible" each year.

Chris Amezquita & Petition Signers Fact: It doesn't matter how long ago it happened. They were not convicted, they remained in positions of power, and the victims were never given any type of validation much less an apology. If they are already dead that makes the crimes even more tragic because they died without being held accountable. 

"Only 8.5 allegations deemed "credible" each year" minimizing sexual assault is unacceptable. It's a CHURCH there should not be sexual assault from any church authority!



FACT: The incidence of sexual abuse by teachers in public schools today has been estimated to be "more than 100 times" that by Catholic priests, and there is alarming evidence of school officials covering up abuse and failing to report suspected cases to authorities. Yet the mainstream media has largely ignored this shocking story while still rehashing decades-old allegations of abuse by Catholic priests.
Chris Amezquita & Petition Signers Fact: The Catholic church is held in much higher regards than any school district on this planet and this is why it is much more alarming. The school district is a place of employment and not an institution claiming to represent the divine! Sexual abuse of any kind committed upon anyone any where under ANY circumstances is unacceptable.



FACT: The Catholic Church is likely the safest environment for children today

Chris Amezquita & Petition Signers Fact: Safer than what? Leaving my child in the middle of an intersection? Define safer? Safer than...

This list of facts that it seems that I poked "fun" at actually really does exist. Please take a look at:


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