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Stop the Promotion of Hatred and Misunderstanding of Gays

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I am horribly appalled by the level to which many people within the Catholic Church are willing to sink. I am tired of the willingness of the Catholic church to put down people and groups of people and make them feel less than human and less than loved. I know that I can not expect a religion to change its views on a particular topic, but the degrading and hurtful comments I recently read on a Catholic website (as well as have read in many Catholic books, other websites, etc.) has infuriated me. The most important aspect of any religion in my mind is acceptance, love, and support of fellow human beings regardless of what differences they may share. 


On this specific website ( homosexual men and woman very horrifically stereotyped and bashed. Homosexuals were said to not be able to possibly fulfill the true meaning of marriage.  Implications that homosexuals beat and commit incest with their children and implications that homosexuals have absurd amounts of people as sexual partners, the majority being strangers, and other hateful implications were made. On this  website, it was said that "[homosexual's failure of marriage] would reinforce the idea that marriage lacks these qualities and is just a matter of private happiness to be discarded on whim. That would be a great step backward for society, for it would increase divorce and all its associated pathology and create yet another impediment to the happiness and fulfillment of millions of people."

Assuming that homosexuals are not capable of exclusive relationships (said in the article specifically) and not capable of marriage is an absurd and hurtful accusation, falling far from the Catholic and religious agenda to love others. If Catholics cannot stick to one of the most important aspects of their religion, what right do they have to judge others and treat them as less than human? What human is without sin?

In the article, it continues to say that homosexual's agenda for getting marriage between two men or two women legalized is simply for economic reasons or, most believable to them, to undermine the 'true' meaning of marriage. This accusation is highly offensive and completely degrading of other human beings. This belittles our fellow friends, coworkers, sisters, cousins, etc. simply based on their sexual orientation. 

Please sign this petition as your request to the Catholic Church to stop promoting hatred and misunderstanding to people they might not agree with. Isn't the most important foundation of any religion respect toward others? If you do not agree with someone does that mean you should treat them as less than human and not able to love and commit?
Show your acceptance and love for others regardless of their sexual orientation by signing this petition and show the Catholic Church that promoting hatred is not a way to push their political agenda.

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