Catholic Charities of Maine -Stop The Refugee Racket!

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We the people of Maine demand Catholic Charities of Maine shut down Refugee services We ask CCM to stop participation in human trafficking/busing illegal/asylum individuals to Maine.

CCM has participated in the globalist refugee racket in Maine for almost 20 years. Maine citizens have footed the bill while Catholic Charities lines their pockets. Maine people will no longer allow CCM to force their globalist agenda on Maine tax payers/citizens as well as U.S tax payers/citizens.

Maine has a shortage of housing. We have waiting lists years long that include elderly and disabled Mainers CCM is well aware of all of these facts, but still continues to facilitate the flooding of our state with non-citizens.

By trafficking more homeless to our state, CCM is creating more crises.  Our homeless are dying in the streets while so called asylum seekers flood Maine filling up family shelters and also taking desperately needed housing our citizens have a right to FIRST. 

Maine people are not interested in supporting your agenda.  American Citizens First. 

Catholic Charities of Maine, you are on notice. 


Maine Citizens