Change the administration at Our Lady of Angels Cleveland

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For the past 3 years, Father Russell Lowe and Principal Kathy Krupar have cut programs such as Discovery and Band. They have classroom aides, increased enrollment, and turned a once beloved parish and school into a negative environment. 

Children are not adequetly monitored properly during lunch, recess, or in classrooms. Children with ADHD, Anxiety, and any other manageable issue do not receive support. The Psychologists at the school are passive-aggressive and belittle kids they work with. One is known to scream at the children.

The result of this is a school that is a breeding ground for bullies. Bullying goes unchecked. When parents report it, their child is blamed. Families that ask where the adult supervision was when their child was harassed or injured by another student, the student them becomes a target. 

One child had 3 large incidents and all 3 times the teachers were not watching. Past incidents were reported and the child told teachers and Principal they did not feel safe.  Instead of bringing the children together to discuss and mediate it, they let it turn into fights and assaults that caused injury to the child that reported not feeling safe. They told that child, and many others, that they were "The child who cried wolf". When parents of the victim expressed concern and asked questions, they put a giant target on their child's back. 

Father Russ is an ineffective leader. 

His behavior is not like any Priest we have met. He shows complete disdain and contempt for the people of the parish. 

Examples of this behavior include:

When asked why he became a Priest he stated "I have no idea. If I could go back, I'd never do it"  He told a young man "Don't do It. It's a miserable life"

He has stated he does not like the choice of Bishop Perez because "he will interfere with the school."  Well Bishop - you should.

He refuses to baptize children of parents that are Catholic but unmarried

He refuses, or attempts to refuse, to offer first communion to children whose parents divorced 

He knew in January of 2014 he would be replacing the Parish staff and Principal yet waited until March of that year to do it

He views OLA as "his" and in conversation will say "My parish" and "My school" and correct someone that says "Our". The Parish  is a community.

He cancelled the Fall Festival and the church involvement. The Athletic Association now runs it.

Wine was not being offered at 11am mass for a time to "save money"

People have witnessed Father Russ at the Altar sweating, red faced, and speaking incoherently while giving the homily. Walking was difficult as well.

He does not allow students to earn service hours for volunteering for at Athletic Association events.

Sunday Collections are down at OLA. They have not seen $10000 a week consistently since 2014.

He was not allowed to work in a Parish for 3 years between 1998 and 2001 due to alleged alcohol abuse and sexual relationship with a female. 

We are asking for the following:

- Removal of Father Russell Lowe as Pastor of Our Lady of Angels Cleveland 

- Removal of Kathy Krupar as Principal

-  Any teachers that were present during incidents that caused harm to other children but had their backs to the children and did not follow agreed protocols put in place to make a child known to be bullied, feel safe.

-McKeon Group be replaced as Providers of services to students. Students have informed parents of being "screamed at" while in group to be taught organization. Patty Thoma wrote a plan for a Child with no input from the parent. 

The culture needs to change for OLA to survive. Besides the removal of the above named, we ask the following be done immediately:

- An audit of the Parish be conducted.

- An Administrative board composed of area leaders, parents, and educators not associated with Our Lady of Angels be created to over see School Operations and Admissions

- A no bully policy be created that includes mediation before assaults occur.

- The current Parish Council be dissolved and new articles that include limits to serving, be drawn up and a new board voted on by the Parish

We the Parishoners and Parents of Our Lady of Angels believe these changes will create a safe and positive school, a transparent Parish, and will bring inactive Parishoners back to the church.

We fear if left unchecked, the Parish and school will be closed.

Thank you,

The Concerned  Current and Former Parents, Parishoners, Families, and Friends of the children of Our Lady of Angels Parish and School in Cleveland








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