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Reconsider the Terms of CCISD Bond 2018 Proposal

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Do you live within the CCISD boundary, own property there, work at or in support of NAS-CC?  If so, please consider signing this petition.

Here are a few YES or NO questions for you:

Do you think building a school capable of holding 3500+ students and staff near an active Naval aircraft crash zone is a responsible decision?

Do you feel that compromising 10,000+ jobs and $4 Billion in economy is a wise decision?

Do you feel that $175,000,000 for a new high school, when there are 3,353 vacancies district wide, is the best use of the money?

Do you feel that CCISD should award multi million dollar contracts based heavily on resume with very little consideration of price?

Do you feel that children housed in open wing elementary schools and middle schools are LESS vulnerable than high school students in an open wing campus that has received millions in recent renovations and security fencing?

Regardless of how you voted on this issue, if you answered NO to any of these questions, please sign my petition to the current school board president, Catherine Susser, and send a message that we demand the board of trustees address these issues before moving forward with the Bond 2018 Proposal.