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Transition Canada to a Circular Economy

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Waste is a reoccurring issue in the world which continues to grow bigger. It has been a problem since long ago and doesn't seem to be getting much better. Here are some reasons you should care:

  • Local governments in Canada spend approximately $3.2 billion managing 34 million tonnes of waste yearly.
  • Waste affects businesses, cutting into business profits and revenues, and eroding their competitiveness in an international economy where it is getting harder to obtain cheap and abundant resources.
  • We, Canadians, waste 31 million pounds of food a year, and that costs us 31 billion dollars annually.
  • Burning waste or putting them in landfills results in air pollution, the leaching of chemicals into the earth, destruction of habitats, and the harming of animals and humans alike.

Waste is generated hundreds of millions more than the years before every passing year. It affects everyone and everything. If we don't do something this problem will come to the point where we have no choice but to do something risky. Changing our economy to a circular one will reduce waste and save us more resources and money, making it better for the government, businesses and the general citizens of Canada. 

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