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Encourage Food Retailers to Keep Organics Out of Landfills

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It is clear that decaying organic material leads to the production of methane gas and eventually climate change. Daily we are bombarded with images and the realization that we are slowly killing our planet. We all need to do our part in whatever small or large way we can to slow the decline of this beautiful planet, some call, Mother Earth. There are large food retailers that are throwing their organic food material in the garbage which is heading to the landfills. It should be a minimum expectation that food retailers are disposing of their organic waste in a responsible fashion. Ordinary citizens are encouraged to do their part in the disposal of household organic collection, why should we not expect the same level of responsibility with the organizations that are contributing on a large scale. 

Farm Boy a food retailer with 23 stores across Ontario with plans for expansion has not adopted an organics waste program. Think, for 35 years all of their organic material has been diverted to the landfills. For a moment imagine what a typical household may collect in organic material in a week and then TRY to imagine what a large retailer with 23 stores is contributing.

In November 2014 I contacted Farm Boy's CEO, Jeff York, as I became aware they did not have a recycling program or organic waste program in place. In 2015 they rolled out a recycling program in their stores. In April 2015, Farm Boy informed me that they would be "testing" a bio-digester in one store. In April 2017, the week of Earth Day I contacted Farm Boy once again to see if any progress has been made in the way of their organics waste program and I was informed they still have one bio-digester and they are "testing" a zero landfill waste management system in another store. In over two years, they have added one more test system but nothing in the other 21 stores. In this same timeframe, Farm Boy has expanded and has added 6 new stores in Ontario. Their corporate strategy is focused on growth and little commitment to the environment. 

This is the same organization that is an annual corporate sponsor of We Day. We Day is a movement that gives individuals tools to change the world for the better. There appears to be some misalignment in the walking and talking of right action. 

Sobey's, another large food retailer is in the same category. On their website they speak of sustainability across many areas: sustainability progress, sustainability focus, sustainability accountability; yet all of their organic matter goes straight to the landfills. I would not call that sustainable. When I questioned them about their non-existent organic waste program, I was informed of all the great things they do in the community outside of caring for the environment. 

When I contacted a local reporter for a newspaper, I was told that these companies are not doing anything illegal. As my friend from the Green Party stated, "Just because something isn't against the law, doesn't mean it's right. Machiavellian logic has invested the minds of far too many people.."

In France, their law forbids food waste by supermarkets. There is zero tolerance for food waste. 

I encourage you to sign this petition for the future of our children, grandchildren and our combined futures as a human race. We all need to step up and do our part however we can.

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