Ban Single Use Plastics In Canada

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We are in the middle of a PLASTIC CRISIS. We are drowning in plastic. We will be remembered as the civilization that destroyed the eco system if our obsession with single use plastics does not stop.

But wait, why is plastic bad? 

a) Plastic (including bioplastic) is something the earth cannot digest, and is something we cannot actually recycle. Meaning every piece of plastic is made is still on this earth today, either in landfill or the ocean. This is is killing the ecosystem, animal and marine life entirely as we are literally drowning in plastic. 

b) Chemicals and toxins in plastic (even in food grade plastic) such as packaged foods, bags, wraps, toys, leach into our food & water and have now been proven to genetically alter our DNA, distrupt our hormones and seriously affect our reproductive organs. This is not only affecting humans but also any life form it comes in contact with. 

We NEED to make a change, however businesses across Canada are reaping in some serious cash from using cheap and easy plastic packaging, so we can only count on CONSUMERS and the GOVERNMENT to make a real change. 

It may be an uncomfortable venture, as our nation is incredibly dependent on single use plastic but we can make a difference!!

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