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Catalonia addresses to EU small countries Prime Ministers

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Dear Sirs and Madams,

We address to you in seek of a response to the negotiation framework set by the Spanish government. A framework that is criminally prosecuting Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart, the presidents of two civic and cultural entities accused of sedition. Catalan police chief, Josep Trapero, has also been accused of the same crime for trying to ensure the referendum on the 1st of October was held peacefully.

We’d like to hear a European leader like you publicly recognizing that the prosecutor’s office has denied the claims of 800 citizens injured by the security forces of a self-called modern European state such as Spain.

We’d like to hear the voice of an authority like yours telling the Spanish government having 700 Mayors investigated to be prosecuted for supporting the referendum is not a good way to start a dialogue.

We claim that the future of Catalonia, a small land populated by around 7 million people, cannot be decided by the laws approved by an intolerant majority of 40 million Spanish citizens; thus we state that this is an obsolete democratic system. 

We Catalans have spent more than 10 years trying to dialogue with the Spanish government to find a legal way to grow as an Autonomic government within Spain, but the reply has always turned out into less autonomy and a growing use of the Law as an arm of the political body of the State. 

This is why we dare to ask an undoubtfully democratic authority such as yours  tells the Spanish government these are not the grounds to dialogue, and help it release the strength against Catalonia so both governments can finally talk.

Because we are convinced that this is how any modern democratic society should solve it’s own problems: through dialogue and agreements.  But the present answer of the Spanish government to our desperate call for dialogue has been the threat of a total suppression of our own Government, leading both Spain and Catalonia to a truly uncertain and unpleasant scenario.

So please, listen to our call and remember we are also European citizens, and we want to remain European. Because Europe still represents the ideals of freedom, equity and fraternity it should finally take grounds on this matter, as it’s no longer a Spanish affaire but it’s also European.

Dear Prime Ministers, we hope you’ll take a close look to our reality and speak your mind aloud, hopefully in favor of this pacific and civic people that all we are asking is to have the right to decide about their own future, as stated under the European constitution.

Thank you for your time.



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