Let's Change WWE Supercard

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Hello beloved WWE Supercard players.

Now before I begin, I want to inform those reading this that the purpose of this petition is NOT to stop you from playing this game or have you hate on anyone. The purpose of this is to possibly begin a movement to create a big change for our favourite mobile app: WWE Supercard.

Now what is WWE Supercard? WWE Supercard is a WWE collectible card game developed by Cat Daddy Games and published by 2K Games. WWE Supercard was released in 2014 for iOS and Android.

Now there’s been some recent controversy as of late ever since the launch of season 4 for Supercard regarding the famous “ad glitch” being patched, causing a massive outrage to players, especially to those who don’t want to put any money into playing the game. I have to admit, I abused this glitch to its full potential as I’m sure anyone who knew about it did too. Why the outrage? Many would believe it’s because it would take a big chunk of someone’s time to complete an event without them, but that’s only half the reason. The other half is because the developers have allowed this glitch to go on long enough to the point where most players began to rely on it to get ahead. It’s unfortunate that only when a new season releases months after this glitch has been discovered is when the developers decide to put a fix in for this “glitch”, but what’s even MORE unfortunate is that the developers don’t take the time to release a statement informing the patch to their loyal players. We shouldn’t have to rely on someone who has a big following behind them to get the news, that’s an awful way to conduct a business. SPEAK TO US! We are the people that play your game!

This leaves me to the topic of catering. Understandably so, the developers are going to treat those who promote their content a bit more special than the regular player and there’s NOTHING wrong with that contrary to popular belief.. After all, those dedicated YouTubers/streamers releasing content on WWE Supercard are getting people to play their game, so we shouldn’t be hard on them when they receive special gifts such as QR codes. However, when a company ONLY caters to those who promote their game and don’t acknowledge what the majority of people want, now that’s a different story. There seems to be a barrier between the developers of WWE Supercard and their fans. This gives the impression that OUR opinion is irrelevant unless we have a big fan base behind us and we want to feel just as apart of this game as everyone else does.

Let’s get down to the main point. There is this “pay to win” environment the developers have created, because the only way to get ahead of others is to buy packs and bouts for game modes. However, give credit where credit is due, TBG/CP/daily challenges is a HUGE significant step in the right direction and I applaud the developers for introducing it into WWE Supercard. I’m a big proponent of offering the ability to achieve a higher success in a game via in-game currency in which you have to EARN. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the “pay to win” atmosphere. “BUT WAIT, WE HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR AND WE ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT! We are glad to announce Throwbacks and Fusions!” (even though that’s inevitable for every new tier.) It appears that is their way of “listening” to their players. I am a strong believer that if your players want something, you should give it your best effort to deliver it to them.
Example: EA Dice on the recent microtransaction controversy for Battlefront 2. There was an outrage regarding microtransactions giving those who pay for them an advantage over those who don’t. EA gathered all the feedback and came to the conclusion that they would be pulling all microtransactions from the stores so every player has an equal chance.

In no way, shape or form am I against buying packs. Packs bring an element of excitement to the game. As a matter of fact, I support anyone who wants to buy packs or doublers to advance themselves in the game, that is their rightful choice. Let’s talk about BOUTS though…

Now one may argue “well, I buy bouts because that is my choice on how I want to play the game and you don’t have to like it” - yeah? Well having unlimited ads is how I play the game, and you don’t have to like that. There is a significant difference between making a choice because you WANT to advance yourself, versus making a choice because if you don’t, then you will have to sacrifice a lot of your time and give yourself a disadvantage as opposed to someone who has paid their way to the end of the event. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know anyone who has finished a Road to Glory event in less than 4 days without buying any bouts prior to the “ad glitch” and if people have, I guarantee it’s a very small percentage compared to the millions who play this game. I challenge any developer at WWE Supercard to answer this: why must we PAY to PLAY? Why are we limited to the amount of games we could play unless we purchase play time? I think what bothers me most is that those who are fortunate than a majority of players who play for free are the ones saying “play the way the game is supposed to be played.” Well, not everyone could pay their way to the end of an event. This undermines the integrity of the game.

Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with paying your way to advance yourself in the game, but the point is that those who don’t are at a significant disadvantage as opposed to those who do. Neither am I encouraging them to bring back the “ad glitch” because when you think about it - asking a company to “glitch” the game again is quite ridiculous and you’re delusional if you think they will, BUT there are different ways around this.

Now I’m well-aware that this is a longshot and this petition may not even get much attention but it’s worth the try! If everyone in the WWE Supercard community could unite create a movement equivalent to the famous “YES movement”, maybe we can catch their attention.

What if we lived in a world where bouts no longer existed in WWE Supercard? What if we were given the flexibility to play games whenever and however long we wanted to? If you no longer want to wait or pay for bouts, give me a HELL YEAH! It’s time to remove bouts from WWE Supercard! This will eliminate this “pay to win” environment and every player will have an equal chance to play/complete any event and other game modes at their own time.
But what about ads? How will Supercard make revenue from ads? There are many ways Supercard can put in advertisements:

- KOTR charges
- TBG charges
- Draft board picks
- Limited amount of daily ads for doublers during events.

Giving players the flexibility to play events/game modes for FREE promotes friendlier environment to those dedicated players who want to advance in the game without having to pay or wait for bouts, and lays out an equal playing field for everyone to enjoy.

Call me silly, call me stupid, call me delusional but I believe we could begin a movement with the power of our voices and change the face of WWE Supercard for the better. It’s definitely a longshot but any MAN or WOMAN with 2 fists has a fighting chance! I’m passionate about this game and believe we could create a more positive environment for all players to enjoy.

If by some miracle chance WWE Supercard reads this, I hope they do not take this as a way of bashing or slandering them, but take it as criticism in an attempt to change the game and their communication with their players.

So WWE Supercard, now it’s your move. Are we worth listening to?
Please share and/or sign this petition if you no longer want to wait or pay for bouts. This could be a big game changer if we let it be.

Thank you.