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Increase diva rewards in WWE Supercard team/solo events

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In WWE Supercard the player has to improve their deck in order to increase their tier level. Many players (WWE Supercard youtuber evidence) across many tiers have had the problem of acquiring Diva card pros , even singles in the game. I was Elite ++ Tier and still used my Summerslam diva pros. The missing pros or cards in the average Supercard player's deck to reach their next tier is 80 - 90 % likely to be a Diva card .The last event given an ultimate Diva card was so long ago , even then after that Summer Rae , an elite diva , who also happens to be the weakest diva and perhaps one of the weakest elite cards in the entire game was given. In team and solo events we are given cards like tyler breeze , erick rowan , etc , cards no one cares or wants .when this apparent Divas Revolution has been happening and is one of the biggest things now in our wrestling , yet we rarely be rewarded any diva cards in events. The best way for players to acquire divas is to either have them be freebies , ladder rewards , pulls or buying packs , which all Supercard players know is a very unlikely chance , plus the fact we need to pro them. This issue must be addressed and implemented, why are there jobber cards in events as rewards but no diva cards ? It makes no sense. Fix this Cat Daddy / 2K Games , this has been an ongoing problem for the longest time now, and it's simply unfair Male rewards are more common than Diva rewards , by an unthinkable margin.

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