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Card/Reward Duplication Glitch Removed from WWE SuperCard - Before it's too late!

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This is a last resort I'd hoped we didn't have to get to, but feel no other choice.

During the course of the past 3 weeks since the beginning of WrestleMania 33 tier in WWE SuperCard, a glitch has resurfaced allowing players  - to duplicate their rewards from weekly run events in game, including event cards, the most powerful items in game.

This goes as far as certain players selling this method to other players, obtaining their account details and logging in to their account and proceeding to use the glitch for money.

I have informed both 2K Games and Cat Daddy of the issue. 2K have been fantastic with responses and have confirmed messages have been passed on for this to be investigated. Unfortunately, Cat Daddy have not responded to 4 direct emails to their support team nor 3 direct messages on Twitter. Nor have they responded publicly or privately to multiple screenshots from players and fans showing players obtaining multiple in game reward illegitimately.

Why is this a problem? An event card is the "best" card or item in game, obtaining multiple versions of these makes the player almost invincible/have a huge advantage over other players. The longer this goes on, the more effect it has not only on The longevity and enjoyment of the game, but also on the survival of WWE SuperCard.

It also puts many players accounts at risk due to sharing personal information. This could lead to players personal information due to linked Facebook and game centre accounts being exposed to third parties. Not to mention that profiteering off of a licensed franchise is illegal without permission and it's against Cat Daddy/2K EULA.

This is why you are so important, I am using this method and platform to show Cat Daddy Games that the fans/players/supporters of this game want the issue removed as soon as possible to reduce further harm to the game in the future. Not only this, but the removal of any rewards that have been obtained using this method. We also request public recognition of this issue and public confirmation/announcement that it has been or when it will be resolved.

I also urge you to share on with your friends and with WWE SuperCard support ingame, Cat Daddy directly and content creators on YouTube/Twitch to spread the word. This issue affects everyone and could become a huge problem if not resolved, as the rate at which this method is spreading is alarming.

Thank you for taking the time to open and read this, please sign the petition to show your support and remember, SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE!

JB (superzomgbbq)

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