This website steals your books!

This website steals your books!

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Started by Belinda Hayes

Hello. I'm a small-time fanfic writer, and I pour my heart and soul into my stories, as do so many of you. However, I'd like to warn you about something that's been taking stories from me and posting them without my permission or anyone else's!

It's called NovelHD. You may have heard of it. It's nothing but a scam! I am a Wattpad writer, and my sister had found one of my stories because she decided to google my account name. Something was off, so I googled my account name and found myself on this website I had never even heard of.

The reason I'm bringing this to your attention is because so many writers lose their motivation to write as soon as they find out about this. Fanfiction brings to mind what could have happened if something went a different way, if there were another character. That's how the Star Wars comics were created and made money! By fans who wrote what if! But when a story is stolen, the amount of effort to write dwindles. Fanfiction is what has gotten many people through so many hardships in our lives. Fanfiction is what brought people together.

An example is Willoughbys Reader insert, by Amberdolphin1210. According to Wattpad, Amber had started on November 18, 2020 and has received over 6K views since posting, leaving it their most popular story. Since then, someone has taken her name and the story and posted it on NovelHD, and when she found out, she kicked up a stink. She had let out an announcement on her message board, which can be found here:

She has even written the warnings into her stories and they haven't even taken the effort to delete the warnings.

What if you painted a portrait and put it somewhere for all to see and someone copied it and put it somewhere big like the Lourve and claimed it as their own under your name, claiming their name is yours? You'd be angry, wouldn't you? Well, that's exactly what NovelHD is doing to so many writers! We won't stand for it! So what if writing fanfiction "Isn't a real job"? It's what makes us happy! Please help us hardworking writers who do this for free who ask for nothing in return!

19 have signed. Let’s get to 25!