Castro’s Gay Pride Flag to evolve with raising the inclusive Progress Pride Flag

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Stephan Ferris
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Keeping it simple: This petitions goal is to make the ‘Progress Pride’ flag the Official flag of the Castro neighborhood, at the corner of Market St. and Castro St. in San Francisco, CA. 

NOW is the year to extend our language and our symbolism to include the ENTIRE LGBTQ family! The Progress Pride flag is a symbol of inclusion to our POC and Trans family- and an acknowledgment that our celebrations and achievements have BENEFITED from their strength and presence!

The Castro has always been a symbol of historic progress for the LGBTQ community. Let’s continue our values and keep writing history- and evolve our iconic Gay Pride flag into the Progress Pride flag.

This petition is made to show the ‘Castro Merchants‘ association the SUPPORT of such a symbolic progression- and a message of celebrating a COMPLETE community in the Castro!

Please sign and share this petition, and let’s make 2020 a historic year for the better!


I had a lovely conversation with the creator of the Progress Pride Flag today!

Their name is Daniel Quasar, "What began as a reboot of the Pride Flag, has evolved into the Progress Initiative. A message and movement, giving back to those most in need within our community.
What this initiative aims to do is provide funding to organizations and charities that directly affect the lives of trans people of color, and some of the most marginalized individuals within our community. When a “Progress Initiative” product is sold within the store, a portion of the profits will go towards these donations."

Their website has some VERY cute merchandise that helps GREAT causes!

Check out their store HERE