Petition Closed

"The process of transforming the green solid into a refined cup of coffee is the same process that happens to human beings from being coarse to becoming refined human beings," said Sufi Coffee Shop owner Parviz Rasti.

What is Sufism? Some describe it as the mystical side of Islam, just as the kabala is to Judaism. Rasti defines Sufism as being a "major mystical path" that originated 6,000 to 7,000 years ago, is connected to all religions while not being a part of any of them, and is more like Taoism or Zen Buddhism. "Sufism begins with love and ends in love," learn more about us at the Sufi Coffee Shop website.

With regards,

The Sufi Coffee Shop,

Parviz Rasti

Letter to
City of Mountain View, Mayor 2013 John Inks
Please reconsider the proposed plan to redevelop the property at the corner of Castro Street and El Camino Real, which includes high-density housing with 200 apartments.

This will displace many small, family-owned businesses that have enriched the local community for years. And it will dislodge loyal customers and employees who have become important contributors to this Mountain View community as well.

We ask you to consider the true value of this area in human terms—and protect the unique character, charm, and diversity of the transitional neighborhood between residences south of El Camino and the busy urban downtown.