#StopRape : Castration be made the punishment for rape #JusticeForJisha

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Signed it..Then share it..

Hey there!!! :) Hope that you all are doing fine... :) This is an update to thank you all for your sign and comments. Many of your comments really did inspire me... After analyzing this cause’s statistics, it is possible to conclude that for every 10 views, this cause got only 2 signs... :( :( .. Hmm... But 500+ supporters is not enough to make this change a reality. We need lots and lots of supporters. After seeing the Jisha mother’s grief, I personally don’t want any other family to grieve over their daughter being raped... I also don’t want this rape incident to drown down in this election frenzy... So, I would like to ask if you could forward this cause to your mailing list / friends / fb groups / twitter. It would be really nice if you could try to reach out to few people each day... If you have already done that, all I could say to you is a thank you… Once again, thank you for your support… Have nice time!! :) P.S: Hope that you have read about Assamese woman being raped and set ablaze. (article attached) ..

Eva Mariam
5 years ago