No Public Financing for “The View”

No Public Financing for “The View”

April 1, 2021
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Castle Rock Town Council
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Why this petition matters

Started by Larissa Sbarbori

“The View” is a 6-story, 3-block long mixed-use development planned for Downtown Castle Rock along Jerry Street spanning 8th Street to 6th Street. It will be financed by taxpayer dollars in exchange for limited public parking. 
Sign the petition telling Council NOT TO APPROVE OUR TAX DOLLARS FOR “THE VIEW.”

The following are facts about the development:

o   221 apartment units

o   Studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, most will be 2-3 bedrooms 

o   299 parking spaces for apartment residents

o   1.3 parking spaces allotted per apartment unit

o   20,000 sq. ft. office/retail space

o   33 on-street parking spaces for office/retail 

o   100 public parking spaces 

o   2 acre site

o   No public land dedication 

o   Landscape variance for the reduction of required number of trees from 35 (required) to 13 trees (due to “limited space”) 

o   One of Castle Rock’s largest structures, larger than Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

Problems with the project: 

o   Inadequate parking for apartment complex in commuter community

o   No plan for preventing public parking use by apartment residents

o   Public parking garage access located in narrow alleyway

o   No required road improvements, just suggested improvements

o   More congestion on Wilcox St.

o   Interstate traffic impacts

o   Adds to the need for more water

o   Impacts to long term traffic

o   Does not conform with Castle Rock Design

o   Does not conform with the Castle Rock Downtown Master Plan 

o   Incorporates little to no historic architecture 

o   Does not keep our distinct town identity

o   Does not keep our small town character

o   Does not provide public land dedication

While some residents agree this is an improvement from the current storage units, residents also agree this project is simply too large and creates more problems than it solves for our community. 

The project has been approved by the Design Review Board and goes to Town Council on April 6th for public funds. If approved, the Town will be using taxpayer dollars to help finance this project.  Similar agreements have been in the multi-millions. 

Sign the petition and tell Town Council not to use taxpayer money for a project that is not right for our community.

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Signatures: 445Next Goal: 500
Support now