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We firmly believe that the tethered Rapid Response Vehicle should be manned all the time on Canvey Island so that there is always an early paramedic response available for the residents of Canvey and the immediate surrounding area in urgent medical emergencies. Removing the RRV will leave local residents waiting longer for early paramedic intervention which may well have to travel from off the island, rather than the RRV which is based on Canvey. It is well known that as waiting times increase for paramedic treatment, so too do the risks of patient harm. Canvey has unique access problems : only two access roads, traffic gridlock and a dense urban population.

For cardiac arrests the probability of survival outside of a hospital is less than 10%. With CPR it is 70% if given in the first four minutes. The probability of survival decreases by 10% with every minutes passed. This is the key reason why we need to keep the RRV and a paramedic based on Canvey!  Otherwise, you are taking chances with peopple's lives.

We call on Castle Point Borough Council, Essex County Council, East of England Ambulance Service, Castle Point and Rochford Clinical Commissioning Group and Rebecca Harris, MP to oppose any proposals to remove Canvey Island’s tethered Rapid Response Vehicle, which pose a serious health and safety threat to patients.