Casting Networks, LaCasting, Actors Access: Stop charging the photo fees

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Casting Networks, LaCasting, Actors Access: Stop charging the photo fees

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The digital age has changed how we as actors conduct business on a daily basis, and the Internet has become the go to source for actor submissions. Before the Internet actors spent money on hard copies doing mail outs. We thought that was expensive paying for prints, stamps, and envelopes. However, the digital age is not really costing less but in some cases costing us more.

 Photo Fees are what some online databases consider their “bread and butter”. Actors are paying various fees to maintain and update their photos as needed based on the industry. 

For example: a Child needs to update their photos a few times a year as they grow and their looks change. Now your talking headshot cost, prints, and now multiple fees, to change said pictures in a database. Men and Women go through the same process when their looks change based on weight, hair color, short hair, long hair etc.

The sole purpose of this petition is to enlighten and be informative as well as make a statement, but above all else have these practices stopped.

Casting Networks, aka LA Casting by far has the worst practices in regards to the photo fees. Yes, they are one company. 

Did you know that Casting Networks charges a flat fee of 16$ to locals outside of California for 50 photo spaces, Casting Billboard, and media hosting (unlimited uploads up to four minutes each). All this is part of the Premium membership. Also you should be aware that outside countries are currently free (they don’t even pay the one time membership fee). Don’t believe me just take a look at their website.

Breakdown Services also known as Actors Access actually has a much better deal, where you pay a one time fee annually of 68$. What that gets you is access to showfax, two photo spaces per representation and the casting billboards nation wide plus Canada.

Now that you have the understanding of the basics here is the bad news.

Casting Networks/LA Casting charges Los Angeles based actors 25$ every time you change your photo, but wait, if you change two or more photos on the same visit its an additional 15$ per photo. This practice happens every time an actor needs to change or upload new photos.

Actors Access has similar practices and while they are not great are still better than the above example. You do get to swap out the first two photos on your profile at will. However, any additional uploads will cost you 10$ per photo.

The practice of charging the photo fees needs to stop. It’s not like we are handing them copies and saying scan this for me and upload it to my profile. We do this ourselves in the comfort of our own home. Actors all ready pay monthly membership fees to all of these different casting databases and all at different monthly amounts.  The bottom line is this: if we are paying a monthly fee for services then there should be no additional fees for photos.

 There needs to be some sort of uniformity with in the industry. Especially when casting directors ask for specific types of pictures for submissions. It would be one thing if we were paying for additional space, which could be considered ‘hosting’, but that is not the case and the amounts to be paid are outlandish.

I vote to put an end to the practices of photos fees.


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