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Do You Need A Cast Stone Range Hood Over Your Stove?

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Renovations of the kitchen demand a lot of decision-making which will not only make it appealing, but will also keep it unpolluted. This brings us to the discussion of whether installing a Cast stone range hood is a smart idea.

Although you are not legally required to have a Cast stone range hood above your stove, it is wise to have it fitted in your household. The function of a cast stone range hood is to absorb airborne grease, moisture and cooking odors and keep the kitchen air clean. The ducted or vented hood sits along an exterior wall, or sometimes along an interior wall which is then ducted to the outside, venting the kitchen air out and drawing fresh air in.

However, for a more affordable ventilation system, the ductless hood is a great choice. It consists of a fan with a charcoal filter that collects grease particles and smoke, and re-circulates air into the kitchen. Though they are easier to install, the filters need to be cleaned and replaced regularly and are not as effective as the ducted hoods.

Moreover, a third type of range is the built-in downdraft system. They are located on stove tops near the burners. Some of these vents remain flush with the surface and “pop-up” when you push a button. They suck the air downwards into ducts, which lead outside. One notable disadvantage is that these vents seem to pull the heat away from the burners, but their camouflage properties make them ideal for use in peninsulas.

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