W.F Kaynor Tech Drama Club - Musical instead of Dinner Cabaret

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So for those unaware, there is a high possibility that next year instead of a musical, we will be doing a dinner cabaret. This has caused a huge amount of negativity, I'm not writing this as just one person, but rather the whole drama club. There are both pro's and con's to this, but more cons. Let me explain,


Everyone gets a chance to shine

More characters to act as which boosts are acting skills 

we can do what everyone agrees on


Cons : 

Costs for costume/items for all the different musicals we do

Even though everyone gets to shine, does that really allow them to shine? As an actor, shouldn't you have to climb your way to top, not get it without effort.

No halos

more work required for choreographer / director as we'll be doing around 5-15 different scenes from musicals.

Pushes all actors participating to learn multiple roles, which may be difficult for new theater kids interested in joining.

Doesn't allow actors to give their full potential as a character.


All we want is a musical like we have every year. Yes, people get bummed out over situations such as not getting a role or not being to shine, but experience is experience, and if they leave then they obviously shouldn't be in theater. A role is a role, an experience to help improve. Everyone here in Drama Club wants to do a musical, it's fun, brings us together, and will be easier for you guys. 


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