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Save These Horses From Cruelty

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This man, Roy V. (Vance- he goes by this name) Hammond has a ranch very near me. He has a lot of horses and maybe other livestock. He took one of his horses and drug it behind his truck, for about a mile. Because "it got away from him five times, it will be okay with some oil and rest". The horse was injured so severely that it was to be euthanized, but died before that could be performed. Here is the link to one of the the news stories: This man should no longer be able to own horses or any other animals if this is his way of dealing with what he considers to be a problem. I had always heard rumors of his cruelty, but never witnessed it. The blood trail on the road stops and turns back the other way about halfway through..... This horse did not deserve this torture. The authorities need to step in and remove any remaining animals he has and ban him from owning animals for the rest of his life.

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