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Cash Rewards

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Dear Covet,

We have all noticed that the challenges are becoming more expensive while the challenge prizes, rally prizes & newly launched fashion packs are decreasing in value. You have A LOT of loyal players that spend money on this game on a regular basis & essentially pay your bills - Don't take advantage of them.

Requiring us to spend over 1000 diamonds for a $100 cash reward & a chance to win 2 prizes that are each valued under $400 is hardly worth it. The cash prize for entering challenges should be increased for all challenges if the cost to complete the challenges & the value of the prizes is to remain the same. The daily allowance should be increased as well being that it currently isn't enough to buy a pair of pumps let alone an outfit to match.

Also, the rally prizes & the fashion packs have dropped in value drastically. Last month, the big rally prizes were valued at over $25k each & this month they're around $16k each. Why the drastic drop? The Fashion Packs WERE a great idea until you began filling them with cheap prizes that aren't even required to complete the corresponding challenge. And don't even get us started on the price of a hair accessory! If you're going to charge that much for one accessory, you should at least provide more hairstyle options.

We all love this game, but enough is enough. If you want your players to continue enjoying this game and continue playing on a regular basis, start showing that you value them & stop taking advantage of them.

Daily Covet Players
(aka The Ones That Keep Your Lights On)

Written By Dannie Stout


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Este abaixo-assinado conseguiu 1.420 apoiadores!

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