Objection of construction of 2 additional dwellings to existing dwelling

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I would like to formally object to the planning permit of 2 new dwellings in the back yard of existing dwelling at 80 Cherryhills Drive Cranbourne Vic. Application no#PinA00954/17. Lot 148 448164U.
The Proposal of 2x 3 bedroom two storey dwellings. x1 garage and x1 carport both with separate drive ways. It states the site is approx 995sqm in size, thus providing about 200sqm of land for each of the dwellings proposed. The sub division is not in fitting with the current surroundings of the Brookland Greens Estate. Casey's clause #55.01-1: "The pattern of development of the neighbourhood". In relation to the site: "site shape, size orientation and easements.".This does not fit with surrounding area's as there are no other double story units in our Estate. The size is approx 200sqm block. The surrounding properties are 750sqm plus. The estate is known for it's larger block sizes and not having houses on top of each other. The sub division is not in fitting with the current surroundings of the Brookland Greens Estate and character of the street which will be grossly effected and devalued by higher density residential being introduced into the estate that was designed with big blocks in mind. 

The development will have an impact on parking which already occurs on Cherryhills Drive as the main thoroughfare thru the estate. It will also cause congestion on Merion Vista. Creating an extra 2 driveways into Merion Vista will affect our quiet street causing more traffic. Privacy issues, dwelling windows are looking down into our neighbours property on Merion Vista and the shadowing will affect the sunlight to the home and the solar panels will be affected. As per proposal it only showed shadowing in the month of September at the times 9am 12pm and 3pm. Different months of the year and times of day fluctuate immensely  and per the Principle of Solar orientation. This backs up the argument of them stating shadowing will not affect our panels.

Noise of building and building debris and the disruption to the street with all the tradesman and their vehicles again causing problems with traffic congestion and parking.

The current house has tenants living in there and the additional dwellings will suit and extra 2 families each. This is not for anything other than investment purposes and the owners do not have to live in the home and deal with having these extra dwellings right on their door step. In recent times we have had a share housing proposal swashed as it is un warranted in our Estate. The majority of home owners in Brookland Greens Estate do not want units and subdivisions taking place and to be forced into living on top of each other. We would move out of our estate and into the Town houses around the corner and purchase blocks in the newly developed Canopy if this was the case.